“The Crowd Was Crazy”: Fan Shares First Strange Music Tour Experience

Jun 12 2017

The Strictly Strange Tour 2017 has come to an end, but considering it was Tech’s biggest show ever Strange Nation is still buzzing like a tipsy bumble bee.

Who can blame ’em? A two hour performance equipped with video screens depicting the three sides of Tech (The King, The Clown, & The G)? Tech brought something new even after years of putting on one of the best live performances in music.

For long time fans it was like seeing Tech for the first time again, but for some it was the first time seeing him live.

Like showing someone a song or a movie, there’s an excitement that comes with seeing some experience something awesome for the first time.

So when John–who skipped the Cavaliers game to see the Cleveland stop of the tour–tweeted about this show being his first (and his subsequent  “mindblown” tweet after the show) it seemed like the perfect chance to get to talk to a fan about their first Strange Music show experience.

Before we get to the show, I’m curious, when did you first become a fan of Tech?

I found Tech in 2011 or 2012.

How did you find out about him?

My cousin showed me a few songs and I thought what he as doing was really cool.

What was the first song you heard?

It was either either “Am I A Psycho” or “World Wide Choppers.”

Whats your favorite song?

Right now, either “Einstein” or “Speedom.”

What made this year the first year you decided catch the tour?

Just finally saving up enough money to get the VIP and everything. Plus, it being close to me. And it was a birthday gift.

Tell us about your experience? Whar did you think of the show?

The meet and greet was really cool. It was a great experience to get autographs and talk to everyone.

Even the people who performed before Strange, the local openers, were great.

The actual show I thought was awesome! What Ubi did, doing it by himself was amazing. Stevie getting into the crowd, and sitting down was dope. Brotha Lynch’s set was great too, how he interacted with everyone.

Tech and Krizz were amazing. The side screens with The King and the Clown was cool. Not just the having the screens, but how they all came out on stage. The crowd was crazy too! The mosh pits, the crowd surfers. I was not expecting a two hour show but it was amazing!

What was your favorite song Tech did live?

The “chopper “series definitely.

Strange Music shows definitely have a reputation for getting crazy. Did your expectations meet reality?

I’ve seen a lot on YouTube an heard a bunch on Twitter so I knew what I was going into but it still blew it out of the water. It’s a lot different being there than watching on YouTube; It was great to be there. The special effects are amazing! I definitely plan on going to every show now!

Did you miss the Strictly Strange Tour? No worries. Never, ever , ever, taking a rest, Tech will be hitting select dates throughout the summer with a few Alaska shows, as well as some festivals! Don’t miss out!