Seven Flexes His Skills On Mac Lethal’s ‘The History of America…Told in 27 Rap Styles’

Jul 28 2017


“I like this beat! Who produced it?”


“What the fuck? Really? I had no idea. He can do literally anything.”

If I had a nickel for every time this conversation has happened here at Strange HQ, I’d have enough money to buy every Seven beat.

Every artist on Strange Music brings a unique style and energy to the track, and, more often than not, it’s Seven who gives them a platform to showcase it.

There are very few producers who can do what he does as well as he does, in as many different styles as he does, for as long as he has been doing it.

Don’t believe me? Ask any Strange artist about him and be prepared for a 10 minute long explanation.

Shit. Don’t even ask, just take a look at Instagram.

I could go on and on and on and on and on about how great he is, I could point out everything from “Come Gangsta” to “Combustible” to “Simple Things” to “Jesus and A Pill”, but it wouldn’t do Seven justice.

So, rather than tell you, I’ll just show you the recent Mac Lethal video where the indie mainstay tackles 27 different styles of rap while telling the history of America over 27 Seven beats made from scratch.

Whether or not you enjoy each and every style, you have to be amazed at Seven’s abilities; each beat is perfect for the style. There are very few, if any, other producers who could chameleon their beats to fit any type of rapping.

27 different styles in the span of 11 minutes? ‘unreal! It’s a fun, entertaining video, but from both Mac and Seven, there’s some real artistry in it.

I’ve said it before…

I’m saying it now…

 I’ll continue to say it…

Seven is one of the best producers in music.