Tech N9ne Discusses New ‘Collabos’ Album ‘Strange Reign’

Jul 19 2017

As if Tech N9ne’s return to Red Rocks–with damn near the whole label along for the ride–wasn’t enough, the October 13th show will also mark the release of the second collabos album of the year, Strange Reign!

Strange Reign will pick up where Dominion left off, showcasing the depth and range of the entire Snake & Bat roster though a bevy of Strictly Strange collaborations.

Between the title, the art direction, the release date, and the snippet of “Cold Piece of Work” from Dominion we already have a grasp on the details, but just to be sure we’re up to speed, we sat down with Tech to fill in the blanks.

How far along is the project? Any finishing touches?

Strange Reign is pretty much done. We got something like 25 songs so we’re done for real. We’re just making sure we got the right ones.

I did all my solos before the tour so I’m going to listen again and make sure I like them all. I know there’s one I like called ‘Happen.’ It’s way different. It sounds like some Meters meets Brady Bunch. Its crazy. Horns…everything man. It’s something we don’t normally do.

There’s two more, I gotta make sure I still like them. I might do another, I don’t know.

Did you do Strange Reign the same way as Dominion in having the artist send you songs? 

Same way. This time Scoob sent me one, it’s gonna be on some Rogue Dog shit it’s called “Leggo.” Gangster shit over here. Above Waves sent a few. 

Some of the songs originally intended for Dominion will be on Strange Reign. What went into the decision to make two Collabos?

You know me. If it was up to me it would have been all of them on one. Thirty something tracks you know what I’m saying? They said we should hold some.

Obviously “Cold Piece Of Work” was held. Any others?

“Cold Piece of Work” was one we held. Everyone want to hear “Cold Piece Of Work.” It’s me and JL and Krizz is on there too. I gave them a little preview of the end of the last CD. it’s Hardcore!

“Technology” was going to be on the next collabos but we ended up putting on JL’s record. It’s a big one. It was actually supposed to be on [Dominion] but I told him we needed to keep some gems for Strange Reign  and he said “I want that Gem.”

It was his song and he gave it to me so I told him to go ahead and take it, but It was hard, because I love that song. That’s a good one, it’s one for the ladies.

Has stepping back and looking at Dominion changed your approach on Strange Reign at all?

The only thing that happened is I’m just going to keep rapping harder and harder. I got to rap harder than “Drama” now, I got to rap harder than “Fish in A Pita.” 

Going harder. That’s going to be the difference.