Rittz Gives Insight Into What To Expect On ‘Last Call’

Aug 3 2017

Being a Strange Music fan since high school, when an album gets announced, I get all juiced up. Never satiated, the Strange fan in me just has to know as much as I can, as soon as I can. Lucky enough to work at Strange, sometimes, that means disguising a phone call with Rittz about his new album Last Call as “work.”

Obviously, it’s important to get the word out about Last Call but I’d be lying if I said no part of me was curious about it outside of my Strange obligations.

Regardless of motivations (personal and professional), I got on the phone with Rittz–who was in the middle of pre-ordering his own album–and got some great insight into what we can expect from Last Call. 

Production-wise, what can we expect?

I started trying to look for beats when I was on tour in the Fall, and I ended up hitting up some guys who normally get some tracks to me kind of early. Just, you know, starting to see what direction I wanted to go, because I always start with the sound. I started getting some of those and it switched over time from how I originally wanted to sound.

Even further on I started to find the identity.That’s when I got to talk to Seven. You know, with the last two albums, Seven has been great with taking my concepts and giving me exactly what I want no matter how vague my description might be. Man, He just nailed it; he was giving me great beats. Seven is definitely a backbone of the album.

I always like to get the backbone laid down and then insert different things. It’s kind of like cooking, adding other spices to make it complete, but you get the base thing in there. When I went to the studio I wanted to bring in a lot of musicians to really bring the project up to another level…I wanted it to be very big. I wanted most of the tracks to have a big feel.


Nah man. I did this album with no features.

The only features I got were my homeboys I grew up with Hitman Shawty and my boy Kane. Me and Kane been making music together since the mid 90’s and Hitman Shawty’s been doing his thing in Atlanta. He’s my best friends cousin so I kept it in the family. They’re on one record on deluxe edition but nah, no features on the album. Just me.

Is there a particular song you are excited to share?

There’s a song called “Indestructible.” The beat changes midway and it’s got a big chorus.  If I was to say what was the sound of this album I was going for, it would be that song. I think it’s going to be one of our first releases.

I know this is some good insight, but I know all to well it’s never enough for fans.

Still hungry for more Last Call details?

Listen to Rittz’ full interview with Independent Grind below!