“J5 Will Be Around Forever”: Tech N9ne & Jurassic 5 Reconnect At High & Mighty Festival

Aug 10 2017

Everybody knows the six degrees of separation game, right? Trying to link two seemingly unconnected people through random connections.

Try playing it with music.

Finding one artist leads you to another. From there you learn about a dope producer, who, has a song with another great singer, who is signed to a record label with other talented artists.

Music discovery feeds itself; the more you listen to the more you will discover.

In my own personal degrees of separation game, almost everything comes back to Jurassic 5; one of my first hip-hop discoveries.

I had always picked up the crumbs from my brother’s CD collection, but nothing really stuck with me; until Jurassic 5.

Finding them was one of my earliest hip-hop memories ever. Similar to the first time I heard Tech. I can vividly remember where I was; sitting in my brothers room playing Snood listening to the J5 album he had just downloaded from Napster (sorry J5).

I remember checking to see if my my mom had left, and turning it up to 11.

I remember how Chali 2na’s deep, booming vocals filled the room.

A few years later, I remember going to see J5 live for my first hip-hop show.

My passion for hip-hop burns deep, and Jurassic 5 was that first spark and it spread like wildfire. That’s when I began really paying attention to hip-hop and I haven’t stopped ever since.

Though there are many other logs on the fire, but without a doubt, if it was not for J5’s early inspiration, I wouldn’t have found Tech N9ne.

That’s why I was so excited to see Jurassic 5 and Tech N9ne, two pillars of my hip-hop foundation, come together at High & Mighty festival this past weekend.

It was a big moment for me, personally, but also for hip-hop.

There aren’t too many emcees who have been around for as long as Tech and Jurassic 5; and to see them together was special.

What I didn’t know is that it wasn’t the first time Tech and J5 have come together.

When Tech was passing through HQ, I had to chat with him about Jurassic 5; he had a lot to say.

It’s always a family affair when we see each other man you know what I’m sizzlin’? I’ve been knowing those brothers since the summer of ’97 when I was living in L.A.

Through King Tech, we recorded this song called “Soul Searchin” and put out a record, like a 12 inch single; I think “Big Bad Wolf” might have been on the other side. When they did that remix for me it bound us.


Seeing them perform then, it was on point and now seeing them perform again after all those years; it’s  better than ever. Man I was amazed by the new show they had. Amazed. They’re even more polished it’s incredible how their chemistry’s still locked in.

People say that about us too. That’s one thing that Charli said. He said, ‘Man I just love to see how we been doing it since back then and still are being called to do what we do best.’

It’s a blessing because we’ve seen so many emcees rise and fall and we’re still here. We’re still on the incline; that is so wonderful.

J5 will be around forever. They will never die. I bet my life on that.

Man! Even as big fan of both Tech and J5, I never imagined I’d hear them on the same track. They both have such different, equally unique styles, a collab wouldn’t even cross my mind.

I had no idea the “Soul Searchin’ (Remix),”–which predates Strange–even existed! It’s amazing. Hearing Tech go-the-fuck-in over a J5 type beat is such a joy!

Whether you are a fan of Tech, a fan of Jurassic 5, or just a fan of great hip-hop, seeing these two forces come together is special.

I just wish I could have seen it live…

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Tech N9ne at 515 Alive