Class Clown, Best Dressed, & More: Strange Music Superlatives With Mackenzie Nicole

Oct 11 2017

Strange Music boasts a loaded roster of artists all with unique skills, talents, interests, and personalities.

Strange Reign, the newest installment int he Collabos series, is a chance for them to showcase their musical stylings, but there’s so much more to the amazingly talented artists than just the music.

To get a closer look at the artists who compose Strange Music, we asked Mackenzie Nicole, who was raised Strange and recently graduated high school, to help us come up with some Strange Superlatives!

Here’s what we cooked up.

 Class Clown: Krizz Kaliko

Mackenzie Says: “Have you seen those Sale ads?!”

Class President: Tech N9ne

Mackenzie Says:There’s a reason he’s on all these massive canvas prints all over our offices! I’m literally staring at four Tech’s right now!”

Baby In The Corner (Best Dancer): NonMS

Mackenzie Says: “NonMS! He breakdances in the middle of ¡MAYDAY!’s set. He’s always breakdancing! It’s so cute!”

Most Studious: Ubiquitous

Mackenzie Says: “Ubi is super intellectual, which is obvious if you actually listen to his lyrics. He referenced Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in one of his solo tracks, which was so dope to me because I’m really into studying Platonism too.”

5th Year Senior (Oldest): Big Scoob

Mackenzie Says: “Scoob! He’s not technically the oldest on the label, but he’s the OG. His style is also the most old school.”

Most Artistic (Non-Music): Prozak

Mackenzie Says: Prozak for his films. I’m personally interested in writing and directing films, and Prozak has totally been my mentor and inspiration.”

A Haunting on Dice Road 2- tickets for the Red Carpet Premiere on sale now! #hauntedsaginaw

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Heisman (Most Athletic): Stevie Stone

Mackenzie Says: Stevie! He gave up a huge basketball scholarship to be a rapper.”

Best Dressed: JL

Mackenzie Says: “JL always looks so good. I want to steal all his cute coats and jackets.”

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Most Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse: MURS

Mackenzie Says: “I don’t know why It just feels right. He could hide supplies in his fanny pack! Oh and ‘Rick Grimes Is Dead’!”

Wanderlust Award (Biggest Traveler): Wrekonize

Mackenzie Says: “He was born in London, grew up in South Africa, settled in Miami, and got married in Paris. He’s basically Carmen Sandiego.”

Short Fuse (Crankiest): Mackenzie Nicole

Mackenzie Says: I think I deserve it.”

Man, I was so ready to just beat the hell out of something with a crowbar. Good times. (photo credits: @ciaoimkelsee)

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Most Romantic: Darrein Safron

Mackenzie Says: “Darrein makes so many amazing love songs because manages to be romantic without being too soft. What I love about Darrein and his music is that he does these gorgeous tracks that integrate the grittiness of hip-hop into really traditionally sexy R&B.

The perfect example of this is “Real With Yourself”, his debut solo track from Strangeulation Volume II, which remains one of my absolute favorite songs this label has ever produced. That’s why I was so excited that Darrein and I did “Whatever You Want” together on Strange Reign — I’ve been dying to make that track with him for two years.”

Best Chef: Rittz

Mackenzie Says: Look at his Instagram. He’s always cookin’ up a storm!”

The Truth Out There: Godemis

Mackenzie Says: “Godemis. He’s definitely an alien masquerading as a human.”

Auteur Award: Bernz

Mackenzie Says: “‘Auteur’ is French for ‘author’ and the term is used in the film community to describe those visionary directors with an almost obsessive-compulsive attention to detail, like a Kubrick. Bernz is like that with his projects; he has a vision that he refuses to compromise.”

Feeling fonkee #SearchParty

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Battle Of The Bands: Above Waves

Mackenzie Says: Above Waves get this, obviously. As far as bands go, they’re just incredible, and their instrumental talents have deep roots in Strange. Lance, the drummer, has been touring with Strange since he was 14 years old. Ryan’s an incredible frontman. Bryan (bass) and Creighton (guitar) are ridiculously talented, too. Their combined force as a group is so dope.”

Before we wrapped it up, Mackenzie said, about the whole label, “Strange has curated such an amazing roster of ridiculously multi-talented characters, and when the whole family comes together, incredible things happen.”

Incredible things like Prozak making horror movies, MURS smashing zombie skulls, Rittz making a sandwich in a hotel room, and of course Strange Reign.