Tech N9ne Talks Touring Injuries and Shares Planet Album Concept With Pollstar

Oct 31 2017

When you tour as much as Tech N9ne does, you are bound to face a myriad of problems from bad weather (see The Zombie Pub Crawl) to broken down buses. A little rain and some mechanical problems are just the tip of the iceberg!

In a recent interview with Pollstar, Tech N9ne discussed two of his worst tour injuries including the time he broke two ribs!

“‘So I’m climbing up this damn thing trying to get up in the cockpit of this Apache helicopter,’ Tech N9ne said. ‘I get all the way up to the top and I miss one bar and I slipped all the way back down. And I hit my ribs three times on the way down. And I couldn’t breathe. And I had all the troops behind me asking if I’m OK. I thought it was just bruised or something.'”

If that wasn’t enough Tech N9ne also shared details on his next album, Planet, which is on course for a 2018 release.

Read the full the full interview here!