“I Think That One Stands Up”: Ubiquitous Talks Recession Proof EP On Two Year Anniversary

Nov 6 2017

Two years ago, Ces Cru dropped off their Recession Proof EP. Though only a six-track EP, with Ces’ signature expert lyricism, and agile flows, it contains as much meat as a full album and has aged like a fine wine.

Two years out from its initial release, we chatted with Ubiqutious to get some insider info on the memorable project and how it’s aged in the eyes of the (co)creator.

How did you develop the concept for Recession Proof? What did you base it off of?

It was loosely based on some talks that I had with one of my friends about the housing market. Honestly, that’s kind of how it all came about.

He’s into real estate and talked about how, with the collapse of an economy, there’s opportunity and money to be made. You know that’s a great time to invest. There’s a buyer’s market. That’s how you become recession proof.

Does having this artistic reflection of your beliefs and current events affect the way you experience politics in your everyday life?

I’m politically motivated in a lot of different ways. I really try to pay attention to current events as much as I can.  If it’s a lot to listen to and look at,  that does sort of flow into the way I behave and the art.

Music is a great platform, but I try to stay conscious of it and try not to be too preachy because sometimes people don’t agree, so when the music does get political, I feel like that its bleeding into the music from my real life.

If our stuff is considered politically charged or whatever, I think that’s just because I’m drowning in it. There’s so much politics flying around that I can’t even shut it out.

Did you know it was going to be an EP when you started?

We knew it was going to be an EP going in. We actually made it to tour with and we themed out the tour with Recession Proof. We have a Recession Proof backdrop we’ll never use again [laughs].

Does that change how you approach the music?

If I look at it as an EP going in, I know that I have less real estate to get my point across, so I definitely make that consideration going in.

Is there a moment for you that stands out in the recording that you still remember?

We did this fun recording technique when we were doing the the the title track.

There’s this tag team towards the end of the son where Godemis and I go back and forth really quickly, the trades are really short.

We set up a couple of mics in the studio that day and fully utilized Studio A at Strangeland. We had both isolation booths going at the same time and we were kind of looking at each other through the glass. That was pretty cool.

Are you conscious of these project anniversaries? Do you go back and listen and think about them? What’s that like for you?.

What I do is go back and listen to something, and reflect on it, like, “Is this even worth a shit? What did we do here?”  You know, listen to it to see if it stands up or whatever.

I think that one stands up, man. 

One of my favorite things about Recession Proof is the material relates from one song to the next it all sort of ties to each other, even though it’s a short project. It’s a dope record. I look back and I still enjoy it.