If You Could Play One Strange Music Song For Aliens Which One Would It Be?

Nov 21 2017

Sending a mixtape in the DMs is a common practice nowadays, but this takes it to a whole new level.

According to Business Insider, scientists recently announced they were sending music across the galaxy in an attempt to contact aliens.

On Oct. 16, 17, and 18 a team of musicians and scientists sent a message to aliens. They sent the message via radio waves and transmitted it 9 different times. This helps ensure that all the information reaches its destination

What’s in the message?

Thirty-three musical pieces, each 10 seconds long, a tutorial on how humans keep time, and when we will be listening for a response.

In an attempt to distract us from the clear reality that, when the aliens get a hold of this, they will inevitably track us down, invade, and turn us into science projects, food, or vapor, we thought it would be fun to play a little hypothetical game.

If you could send an alien one Strange Music song, which one would it be?

There’s no one right answer, but here are a few to get your brain churning.

JL – “Strange The World”

Before Aliens come to take over, they should know they aren’t the only ones with their eyes set on world domination. What better way to let ’em know than JL’s DIBKIS standout “Strange The World”? In addition, the gritty, guitar-engined production and JL’s cutthroatt approach lets them know just what Strange is all about.

¡MAYDAY! – “Space Cadet”

Maybe the hook is a little too literal, but “Are you from here or outer space?” was just too perfect to not use. Something tells me the aliens would appreciate ¡MAYDAY!’s interplanetary mindstate and I’d love to see an Alien hear some record scratching for the first time. As advanced they may be, bet they’ve never heard that before.

Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko – “Welcome To The Midwest”

It only makes sense that Aliens would take over the Nations Capital and the East Coast first. At some point, though, they are going to head West and at some point that are going to venture into KC. When they arrive, I think it’s important they know just what the hell they are getting into. When they hear about how gunplay reign, they’d be smart to hightail it outta here. We just saved the human race…no need to thank us.

Tech N9ne Collabs – “KC Tea”

You know, everyone just kind of assumes the Aliens will come to destroy us, but maybe they will come in peace. If that’s the case, we are gonna have to throw one hell of an intergalactic party. KC Tea for everybody!

What about y’all? What Strange Music song would you play for an alien?