Technician Turns Old Cop Car Into “Strangemobile”

Nov 15 2017

Slapping a Snake & Bat bumper sticker on the whip is one of the best ways to display your allegiance, but Jeremy–a Technician ever since he first heard “Einstein”– out of Ludington, Michigan takes it to a whole other level.

He took an old cop car decked it out with Snake & Bats and turned it into a full-fledged Strangemobile!

“I got the car a year ago. I bought this car for like two grand. It was just a normal cop car. I thought, ‘You Know What? I’m gonna do something tricky.’ I started doing all the detailing, all the pinstriping. I put the ‘sinister Tech’ in the back window with the Snake & Bat, and I was like ‘let’s go further with this!’ I started doing the dash, a touchscreen, a TV between the two front seats. The car really started coming together.”

Think he’s done? Jeremy already has plans for more!

“I’m getting the car wrapped. Tech has the song ‘My Own Hell,’ I decided to put the hell background right on the trunk lid and I’m going to put the pledge over it.”

Oh, and with that speaker system, we had to ask him his favorite songs to play. His answer? “Red Nose” and “Over It.” Can’t go wrong but two great choices!

Thanks, Jeremy!