WATCH: Columbian Dance Crew Kills “Bout Ta’ Bubble” Routine!

Jan 26 2018

Right now the world is busy dancing to Tech N9ne’s new, B-boy friendly cut  “Don’t Nobody Want None” but, as Tech explained, it’s not the first time he’s created a song, that begs to be danced to.

One of those older Tech cuts that combines that old-school, dance crew approved feel with Tech’s signature chopper-style is the legendary Everready tune,  “Bout Ta’ Bubble.”

While “Don’t Nobody Want None” has the official music video to hammer home that dance-friendly vibe, for “Bout Ta Bubble” we’ll leave it to the choreography of Jairo Padilla.

Jairo showed some love to the classic Tech dance cut, choreographing an amazing dance crew routine in the streets of Bucaramanga Columbia!

As an added bonus, here’s some behind the scenes footage of the planning and execution of the routine!

It’s amazing to see how the power and reach of a song like “Bout Ta’ Bubble” and how those truly special dance cuts can travel and inspire! Who would have thought in 2018 we’d be talking about a Columbian dance crew killin’ it to a song over ten years old from a Kansas City legend!

We can’t wait to see one for “Don’t Nobody Want None,” but hopefully we don’t have to wait 11 years!