Krizz Kaliko Had To Rewrite His “Speedom” Verse…Because of a Hot Tub

Jan 5 2018

With Eminem’s, Revival album making waves, some of the big news around Strange is how he mentions “Speedom” on the lead single “Walk On Water.”

It was exciting for us here in the office, so we can only imagine what it was like for Tech and Krizz, you know, the guys who made the song.

We could only imagine, so we called Krizz–who is currently on the road for the Talk Up On It Tour–so we could find out. What started as an interview about “Walk On Water,” though, turned into an amazing story behind his verse on “Speedom.”

What was your reaction to the  “Speedom”  reference on “Walk On Water”?

That’s amazing to me because Eminem is the god emcee. I know everybody has top 10 lists, top 5 lists, but who is actually better than Eminem?

It can definitely be argued you had the best verse (but its just so hard to choose) what is the story behind your verse? How did you come up with it?

Tech had this idea for a song and I knew I needed to get in on it. So I wrote the hook first, and I wrote my verse in my phone. I write everything in my phone.

Then we went to Canada for the tour and me and my wife were celebrating our wedding anniversary and relaxing. I jumped in the hot tub, and had my phone in my pocket and at that time I didn’t know about the cloud and all that, so I never backed it up; it was lost.

I didn’t tell Tech, because I was scared to tell him [laughs] I didn’t want him to be disappointed. So, right before I cut my verse, he told me that Eminem was gonna be on it.

I had already recorded the hook, but not my verse, so now there was even more pressure. I didn’t want to tell him, but now, how can I not?

When I got to the studio, I was trying to figure out how to stall it out a couple of days, because I didn’t have my verse done. Next thing you know, out of nowhere, I just remembered it. For some reason, I couldn’t remember my last four bars, so I rewrote the last four.

Then, after Tech recorded his verse and Em sent his, on my new phone, the original verse reappeared. You know…it wasn’t as good. The way I ended it was so much better the second time becuase it meshed with the drums.

We made up a word called ‘perbussin’. Mark, “Makzilla”, said the way we rap is so percussive, but we bussin. Speedom is a great example.

I was always nervous about what Em thought about me saying “do bigger numbers than Eminem” on the song, even before I knew he was going to be on there. And I remember when it came out, Em got on Shade45 with Tech, he loved the line, said it was one of his favorites and now I get to rub that in Tech’s face all the time [laughs].

Crazy to think about one of the biggest songs in Strange Music history, was completely forever changed by a hot tub!