Mackenzie Nicole – The Edge – Pre-Order Now Available!

Jan 24 2018

The debut album from Mackenzie Nicole, “The Edge”, is set to be released on 4/13.

Don’t miss your chance to preorder this landmark project from Strange Music. Already familiar to Strange Music fans from her notable features, Mackenzie Nicole is establishing herself as a singular force in the pop music landscape. With songs like “Preview”, “Fix Me”, and “Back To You“, along with the title track, “The Edge”, this album represents an emotional window into the life of Mackenzie Nicole.

Click here to preorder your copy of “The Edge” and you’ll receive an autographed copy of the CD along with a limited edition Mackenzie Nicole “The Edge” tote bag, an instant download of the unreleased track “Burn”, and a Strange Music decal.
Preorder your copy at and let Mackenzie Nicole’s album to take you to “The Edge” and back.