Strange At A Crossroads: Tech N9ne Talks, Planet, His Future Plans, & State of Strange With Mackenzie Nicole

Jan 30 2018

This Spring, Tech N9ne will release his 20th studio album, Planet.

This Spring, Mackenzie Nicole will release her first, The Edge.

Though they are at very different points in their careers, Mackenzie and Tech share a unique bond engined by their passion for, and love of, Stange Music.

One of the most avid Tech N9ne fans, who just so happens to have grown up around him, who better to interview Tech N9ne than Mackenzie Nicole?

On behalf of Strange Music’s in-house Dash Radio station Independent Grind, Mackenzie Nicole sat down with Tech to discuss Planet, the growth of Strange Music, and Tech’s plans to “take a step back” in a few years, in one of the most honest and heartfelt conversations with Tech you will hear.

I just want this to be the best next four years that we have… I’ll be 50, dude…I still get ideas every day…I got so much to stay still, because I’m still living, but I think that’s its time for me to step back and be an exec, and do music with my artists, and do shows every once and a while, maybe festivals every once and a while… I’m trying to make the rest of this time the best four years.

This is a must listen for any Strange fan!