WATCH: “Seven” Shares Story Of Early Days As A Rapper

Apr 19 2018

After putting in some work for A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable, MURS and Seven–two well-versed, passionate music fans– blew off some steam at Josey Records in Kansas City where they got their music nerd on discussing their favorite albums, earliest hip-hop memories, and dream collaborations.

But the highlight came when Seven dropped a bombshell!

Everyone knows Michael “Seven” Summers as Strange Music’s genius, an in-house producer who is responsible for so much of the production here at Strange. Although one of the most talented producers in hip-hop, Seven revealed that he originally tried his hand at rapping as a teenager, releasing an album called “40 Ounces of Fonk”

It’s a must-watch for any die-hard Strange fan who want’s to get to know the man behind so many of your favorite Strange beats!

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