WATCH: Fan Performs “E.B.A.H.” in Sign Language

May 23 2018

If you’ve ever been to a big festival (or watched one online) you’ve likely seen someone on the side of the stage translating the song to sign language.

Even if you can’t read sign language, it’s pretty amazing to see the passion and dexterity at work. Signing a normal rapper looks exhausting, but just imagine trying to sign Tech N9ne’s chopper flow!

Thanks to Scott Ruddy we don’t have to imagine.

A loyal Technician, and one who considers himself deaf, Scott recently posted a performance of “E.B.A.H” in sign language and it was so unique and interesting we had to share it with you. We also asked him for some background info about what goes into translating a song like “E.B.A.H.” into sign language.

Can you give some background on yourself?

I’m 32 years old and lives in Flint, Michigan. I’m hard of hearing but I consider myself deaf. I wear a hearing aid on my left ear as I can hear almost everything and my right ear is deaf.

Can you give some background on sign language and music? How did you learn how to do it? What goes into an interpretation?

When I was kid, I was involved in signing hands where a bunch of students practiced on their songs and signed on stage. That’s how I got into it. I love music and I like singing songs in sign language and I like showing off to friends, haha.

What is your process for interpreting a song?

I pull up the lyrics, listen to the song and read the lyrics at the same time to try and catch the words. When I memorize the lyrics, I start practicing in sign language.

How did you first get into Tech N9ne?

My good hearing friend Randall introduced me to Tech’s song “Red Nose.”

What is it about his music that appeals to you?

I like how his music feels and sounds. How he raps fast, and the type of his music is different from others.

Favorite Tech N9ne Song?

Of course! It’s “E.B.A.H”!!!

Is Tech more difficult to sign than other artists because of how fast he raps?

Yes, but once I got it down, the feeling of being able to rap “E.B.A.H” is fucking awesome! (Pardon the language, haha)