DJ Premier On Working With Tech N9ne: “I’d Do It In A Heartbeat”

Jun 25 2018

Often times, the greatest of all time conversation is dedicated solely to the emcees who pick up the mic, but there’s one hip-hop figure whose name has to be in the conversation.

DJ Premier.

Since the late 1980’s,  DJ Premier has provided emcees (many of which belong in the GOAT conversation) with some amazing beats that are deeply rooted in the foundations of hip-hop. Guru, Nas, Jay Z, Biggie, Royce, Big L, Common, Mac Miller. The list goes on…

Unfortunately, Tech N9ne and DJ Premiere have yet to link up. Considering they are two of the most longstanding, important figures in hip-hop, it seems almost crazy it hasn’t happened yet!

Hopefully, that changes soon, and it seems like it just might!

This weekend, after being prompted about Tech by another legend in the game, Crooked I, DJ Premiere responded with a more than open invitation!

Longevity is the true test of an artist, and there aren’t too many who have been doing it as long and as consistently as Tech and DJ Premier, there’s no question that the two could create something truly special together!

Fingers crossed!