Tech Discusses Potential Female “Choppers” Track

Jun 6 2018

As we all know, Tech’s flow is rivaled by few in the game. A leader of the chopper style, Tech has always shown love to other fleet-of-flow emcees using the “chopper” tracks; who else is better suited to recruit the fastest guns in hip-hop other than Tech?!

Though series ended with the proverbial mic-drop of getting Eminem on “Speedom,”–what better way to cap off the series?– fans have always wanted to hear more, and, as he admitted in a recent interview with BeatStars, it’s certainly something that could happen.

Specifically, Tech discussed getting an all-female cast for a “Choppers” entry.

Though there is no plan yet, and it’s mostly just a hypothetical, it’s still fun to imagine Tech assembling a crew of elite emcees for a female choppers track!

So, who are some emcees you’d love to hear Tech nab for the (hypothetical) track?

What other themed chopper tracks do you think Tech could put together?