Mackenzie Nicole Opens Up About Past, Present, and Future With Trunkspace

Jul 31 2018

Often times, pop stars are manufactured, strategically planned entities; more vehicle for music than a musician.

That’s not the Strange way, so it only makes since Mackenzie Nicole, is not afraid to open up in a way some artists never do.

Recently  Mackenzie sat down with Trunkspace and went in depth about her music, her past, and her plans and goals moving forward resulting in revealing must-read interview.

Check out an excerpt below then click here to read the whole piece.

TrunkSpace: As an artist, is there ever a fear that you’ll be pigeon holed into a particular sound?

Nicole: Absolutely. Do we really need another blonde haired, blue eyed pop artist? That’s honestly something that bothers me a lot, every day, is that ultimately, I look and can sound just like 20 other artists I can think of off the top of my head, and that’s just the ones that are out right now. “How do you distinguish yourself?” That’s always the question I have to ask myself.

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