Wrekonize Confirms Tech N9ne Feature on ¡MAYDAY!’s South of 5th Album

Jul 10 2018

Considering the fog from Fourth of July fireworks (and hangovers) is just starting to clear, we still have a ways to go until ¡MAYDAY!’s new album South Of 5th is released.

Even with most of the summer ahead of us, the ¡MAYDAY! guys are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the album, which includes a verse from Tech N9ne!

Recently, Wrekonize teased receiving a verse from Tech N9ne (with a very appropriate SpongeBob gif).

Since Twitter only gives you 240 characters (or one Spongebob gif), we asked Wrek for a little more insight into the (potential) South Of 5th collaboration.

We had two amazing tracks on this album produced by the otherworldly being known as Michael “Seven” Summers. One of those we knew had an extra spark to it and it was a certified banger. We thought about having a guest on the hook or adding a feature verse. Bern said to me one day “I think Tech Would sound great on this”. I hardly hesitate when he says that because one of the few times he has said that with such certainty we got “Fragile” out of it. Sure enough,  Tech our the cherry on top of a track that was already sure to burn the house down.

Any reference to “Fragile” makes it a must listen, but considering this album has a more reggae, summertime-feel (evidenced by “Next To Go” and “Time Is Up”)… Come on! 

I mean, a reggae-inspired track produced by Seven and featuring Tech N9ne is something we’ve never heard before and is definitely one to look out for when South Of 5th drops in September!

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