Fan Feature: Technician Turns Car Into “Strangemobile”

Jul 27 2018

Earlier this year we showcased Jeremy, a  Technician who turned an old police cruiser into a “Strangemobile” and as it turns out it’s not the only one out there!

Anthony, a Technician from Arizona, turned his Corolla into a portable Strange monument too!

In addition to sending some pictures of his Strangemobile, we had him answer a few questions about his car and his Strange-dom.

What was the first Strange Music song you heard? What is your favorite

The first song I ever heard from Tech N9ne & Strange Music was back in 2006. Song called “Victory” off of Tech’s album Vintage Tech. That song turned me into the Techn9cian I Am.

Each album is so distinctly different from one another. But if I had to choose, I would say Tech’s album Everready, Tech N9ne Collabos: Welcome To Strangeland, and Tech’s album Planet (in no particular order) are three albums I would go with!

When did you decide to make a “Strange Mobile”? Why?

I decided to make a Strange Mobile back in 2015. At first, I was just decorating my car just to show that I like and listen to Strange Music, but as I noticed more and more people asking me about the car and the logos on it, I decided to go all in on making the car as Strange as possible!

Can you tell us about all the different Strange additions? 

 So for all the Strange Editions, I have Two red snake & Bat decals from the official website on my car’s hood, I have a red snake & Bat decal on my back window. on the sides of my car, I have red stripes and in those red stripes, I have white “Strange Music” decals and white snake and bat decals. On the back of my car, I have two different Strange Music car emblems that you can purchase on

Whats your favorite Strange addition? 

It actually comes from something that is not necessarily Strange but I use it for a Strange Music purpose. Inside my car, I have multicolor LEDs under my dash and under my seats. These LEDs have a mode called “music” where they pulsate to the bass and rhythm of the music that’s playing.

One thing I’ll always love to do on my Instagram is put on various Strange Music songs and record how the LED’s “dance” to those tracks. These videos are one reason as to why my car started becoming recognizable. Especially outside my state.

What kind of reactions do you get to your car? 

The reactions I get from people are always positive and full of love! People always tell me they love my car and they love how much I represent Strange Music! Hell, even JL and Ces Cru all showed love for my car! This car is all meant to be used as a tool to help promote Strange Music as much as I can. So when I’m able to spark conversations with people about the label, it’s such a great feeling to know what started with a simple idea has ballooned into an effective tool that has garnered nothing but positive results.

Any plans for more additions?? 

I can say at this very moment, my car is coming near to completing this project. As far as anything Strange related, at this very moment, I’m not sure of anything else that will be added, but there is always something that can be added to it; the door will never be closed regarding that!

Anything else you think we should know about your Strangemobile?

What started out as a simple idea I had has turned into something so beautiful and something I am proud of. Not in a million years did I think that my car and the term “Strangemobile” would be so popular and so recognizable. Especially outside of my city. I was out in Denver for the last show of the planet tour and so many people that followed me through social media came up to me to show me love for me and my car. It’s these moments that truly make it all worth it and goes back to the simple phrase: Strange Music has saved my life.