Tech N9ne Talks Bou Lou With Chilled Magazine!

Apr 22 2019

The best way to celebrate a brand new Tech N9ne album? Press play on N9na and kick back with a Bou Lou beer in hand!

Now that the album is out, and Bou Lou is set for a National release, we can do both!

To see Bou Lou go from Kansas City to a nationwide event is so exciting and we owe it all to the loyal Technicians who have supported the release since Day one.

In an interview with Chilled Magazine, Tech N9ne and Boulevard’s s vice president of marketing, Natalie Gershon talked about Bou Lou’s nationwide release, and naturally, the support from Tech’s fans came up.

“It was really special to see how Tech N9ne fans were really engaged with anything connected to him,” Gershon says. “In April, the beer will ship nationwide in limited release.”

“The response from the fans has been incredibly positive,” Tech N9ne says. “This is why we’re bringing it back bigger now!”

It’s so great to hear how the Strange Music family’s passionate, and vocal support helped Bou Lou go nationwide! Thanks to you, we’re able to take Bou Lou to the next level! Be sure to read the full interview here and check out Bou Lou in a store near you!