“33 Years In The Game & Still Getting Better”: Tech N9ne on ‘N9na,’ Recording In Europe, & His New Release Strategy!

Apr 12 2019

Tech N9ne is getting ready to drop his new album N9na, next week to add to an already incredible discography that spans over three decades!

With an ever-changing landscape, longevity is a rare feat in music, but with unmatched talent and a keen business eye, Tech has maintained a high level of success. Even now,  he is still breaking new ground, with the N9na Collection rollout.

But as much as things change, though, some stay the same.

We talked to Tech about the new release plan, some of the challenges, and what he is excited for come release day, next Friday.

Has the new release format changed the way you have created the music for N9NA

Nah, cause I’m just creating music, just like I always have and other people do the scheduling. As the beats come, I write it. I pick the songs and I’m like, “alright I wanna put these two out next.” Then they give me the dates and hopefully, I can meet them and if I do then I choose the songs. Then I’m just praying that it works.

I know you recorded some of the songs on the road, while in Europe, was that different than being at Strangeland?

It was fucked up in Europe, because of the language barrier. You’re trying to record in the studio with people who don’t know your sound and don’t know what you’re saying. In Russia, it was a lot better, but anything outside of your comfort zone, which is Strangeland… Even when I did “Fragile” in Portland…fucking bitch! I can’t even listen to it, it sounds like I’m on a transistor radio because of the way they recorded it. They didn’t make it work. We’re all technical dudes, so whenever I record outside of Strangeland, it’s always fuckery. Even in America!

After all of these years of releasing music, what never gets old for you? Anything you look forward too when you’re doing a release?

People’s reactions, to all the songs. I know that when they hear “Disparagement”, ohhh man! That fits in the category of “This Ring,” “Come Gangsta,” and “Red Nose” all of those. It’s me King Iso and Krizz, that beat is gonna blow y’all back out. I look forward to the comments, good or bad, I look forward to showing off, with my music; 33 years in the game and still getting better.

Tech’s mindset, never letting business effect music, is so interesting to hear about. At the end of the day, the music is what matters, so focus on that and the business will take care of itself! Oh and don’t worry Tech, we’ll listen to “Fragile” enough for the both of us.

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