Every Song Tech N9ne References On “Like I Ain’t”

Apr 24 2019

Only a few days old “Like I Ain’t” has already emerged as a fan favorite from N9na.

Reading like a veritable resume, Tech N9ne lists off his many, many accomplishments and accolades he’s achieved in his long career.

When hearing them listed back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back, it can become overwhelming to try and keep up with every song and reference, so to help you, out, we’ve combed through and outlined every single song Tech N9ne mentions making for a cool, “Like I Ain’t” inspired playlist!

“Never knew Twista”

Tech N9ne recruited the Chicago legend, Twista, for “Worldwide Choppers” which also featured, Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twisted Insane, Ceza, JL, U$O, and D-Loc.

“Never did music for the Alpha Dog picture”

“Caribou Lou,” “Slither,” “Night & Day,” “Biank Zone 2,” and “La La Land” were all featured on the soundtrack for the 2006 Movie Alpha Dog Staring Justin Timberlake.

“Never script the, pledge in a scripture”

The now infamous pledge started in 2011 as the intro to All 6’s & 7’s but has taken on new life, becoming something Technicians have learned, and taken to heart. If you’ve seen Tech live, you know how much the pledge means to the Strange Music family!

“Or had a hit song bout my own liquor mixture”

Caribou Lou. Duh! For those who may not know it’s 151 Rum, pineapple juice, and Malibu! The ultimate party favor, it’s also the title of Tech N9ne’s platinum song, the same that inspired Tech’s beer, Bou Lou!

“Do it like I wasn’t a starter on Tha Carter

Tech made an appearance on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV,  delivering a prolific verse that was recognized by the entire hip-hop community! One of the biggest rappers on the planet, Lil Wayne, giving Tech the platform, and Tech delivering as he did was a monumental moment in Strange history.

“Wasn’t in art of my cousin the water” 

Both pioneers who put on for their city, building independent kingdoms, Tech N9ne and E-40 have always been good friends, and, as it turns out, they are actually related! They’ve also worked together countless times! Here Tech is likely referencing one of his many features for E-40, like “Zombie”

“A song with the white guy Dre got” 

“Speedom”! You probably knew this already, but the song features Eminem AKA “the white guy Dre got!”

“Do a track with the king of Atlanta Tip Top” 

The South met the Midwest when Tech linked up with Atlanta legend, T.I. for “On The Bible” off of Special Effects.

“Tryna write all the way up to my homies Slipknot”

Tech did, in fact, write all the way up to his homie Slipknot, grabbing Corey Taylor for the metal-infused track, “Wither.”

“Like I ain’t ever did a record with Tupac” 

Though never officially released, Tech N9ne and Tupac joined forces for “Thugs Get Lonely Too.”

“Like I didn’t know I’d do a record with Hopsin” 

Hopsin appeared on “Am I A Psycho” alongside B.o.B and Tech (obviously) in 2012. A year later Tech N9ne returned the favor with a guest spot on Hopsin’s “Rip Your Heart Out.”

“Never did a track with Joyner Lucas”

The Storm standout “Sriracha” featured guest verses from both Logic and Joyner Lucas. That’s three emcees who, like the sauce, can go on everything.

“Like I didn’t know Trae was an asshole”

Tech is not calling Trae The Truth an asshole, but, rather referring to the Texan’s song  “Asshole” or his album called Assholes By Nature. Though Tech is not on either, they two did collaborate on Trae’s “All That I Know” and Tech’s “With The BS”

“I grew fame with the homie Bobby & 2 Chainz!”

One of Tech’s most famous songs–it is in the Gold Club after all — “Hood Go Crazy” features guest spots from B.o.B and 2 Chainz.

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