Tour Life: UBI of Ces Cru Takes Us Back Stage In L.A!

May 1 2019

Tour life is more living out of suitcases and surviving off gas station meals than the life of luxury, but it certainly has its moments!

At the L.A. stop of the It Goes Up Tour, UBI pulled back the curtain a little bit, letting fans see what it’s like behind the scenes at one of the swankiest venues in the country, The NOVO; a rare, luxurious break from the grueling life of a touring artist. Showing the stage–where ¡MAYDAY! was tearing it up– then walking us back to his own green room, it’s a cool look at what “backstage” looks like.

Most of the time, “backstage” is not as exciting or fancy as this, but it’s only right that L.A. has a little bit a flair. Just don’t go too Hollywood on us UBI!

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