Favorite Beat, Toughest to Record, & More: “Which Track” with UBI of Ces Cru

Aug 7 2019

First listens are exciting, but when you get a new album from an amazing artist, it takes some time to get to know each and every track. You have to really listen to every second, especially when it’s from a complex, diverse emcee like UBI

In an effort to get to know the specific tracks from Under Bad Influence better we go straight to the source, asking UBI a series of “which track” questions. Whether it may uncover something you may have missed, or reinforce your favorite song, his answers, will, hopefully, aid in your understanding and appreciation of his stellar body of work.!

Which track was the easiest to record?

I’m going to go with “Prey,” I recorded that on the road, in a hotel room with Wrekonize being my engineer. It was the easiest because we were really pressed for time. Everything is a race on tour, so we just set up and recorded it very quickly. I wrote it and recorded it all on the same day; the entire song.

I actually recorded it on a different beat. I recorded it to a reference track, then I sent it to Seven, and he made a beat around my lyrics. The entire song was made in about 18 hours.

Which track was the toughest to Record?

“Gameshow” was tough because it’s a really long verse with some very acrobatic rapping. Generally, I am very obsessed with getting my verses in one shot all the way through. You don’t have to do it like that, but that’s how I prefer to do it, because it translates to the stage very well. I know if I knock it out in one take in the booth, then there’s no reason why I can’t do that on stage.

Which track are you most excited for the fans to hear?

I’ll say “Pharmacy” because it low key traumatized me, I figured because I had to get traumatized for “Pharmacy” to exist, now I wanna see what everybody else says. I went through something so, now I wanna see what everyone thinks about that.

Which track best encapsulates the Under Bad Influence experience as a whole?

“Pharmacy.” Not every song is pertaining to the title of the album, but “Pharmacy” is one that is really playing off the theme. Strongly.

Which track is your favorite beat?

I’m going to give it to myself. I co-produced “Madness” with Info Gates.

Which track took the most time?

“Get Busy” took the most time to record because it was like a lineup of rappers. It’s me, Locksmith, King Iso, and Jarren Benton, and the verses came in months apart. The distance between my verse and Jarren’s was probably 7 or 8 months apart, which was tough cause I was thinking maybe I could’ve written something a little fresher but so be it.

Which track did you get the most help with?

“Madness (Remix)” probably. It has the most people on it. Info Gates and myself on production, six voices on the record, and Noms put some percussion on it.

Which track is the most upbeat?

“Double Yous” or “Good Guy.” One of those. I’ll say “Double Yous.” I have a history of making mostly dark records with spots of brightness. Most of the Ces Cru albums are like that, and this album is no different.

On the opposite end, which track is the most serious?

“Pharmacy” for sure. It may be in competition with “Way Down” that’s kind of autobiographical and personal as well, but “Pharmacy” is pretty dark. It’s a mood changer. I played it for some people and it almost messed up their day or something haha! You might have to be in the mood. I went to a very very dark place and I had a hard time pulling myself out.

Which track are you most proud of?

It’s probably “Pharmacy” again. The content is very personal, you know it’s something where I’m really saying something. It’s one where I’m really getting something off my chest.