Strange Days Tour Update: Spokane, Washington

May 21 2010

The Strange Days Tour is on a roll! Spokane, Washington proved to be one of the dopest shows on the tour so far. Spokane is usually kind to the Strange Music crew and judging from the responses of Cognito, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, and Tech N9ne, this show was no exception. Scoob says Spokane is his new favorite city, claiming it was the hardest he’s ever seen a crowd rock to his set before and citing that he was flashed during his performance. Tech was given an awesome painting of him from a fan. The Spokane fans were just as enthusiastic about the show as the artists were, one of them claiming it to be “the best show ever!” Looks like Spokane will forever have a spot in the hearts and minds of Strange Music as they continue their roll through Washington with a stop at Yakima Valley.

Make sure you catch Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, Prozak, and Cognito coming to a town near you for the Strange Days Tour!