‘O.G.’ Single World Premiere On KPRS Radio Station [Social]

May 5 2010

Tech N9ne’s single “O.G.” from the upcoming collabos album The Gates Mixed Plate made its radio debut on Kansas City’s very own KPRS 103.3 Jamz. The song garnered enthusiastic response from fans. Check out some of the comments below found on social searches.

“I heard it. Love that you getting a single out well n advance of album. Ollie Gates Mixplate is gonna be a smash this summer.” – Jason Whitlock

“O.G. is fire! Keep doing you Tech!” – – midwestchoppers

“Man, I just called for a half hour from Hartford,CT to kprs to request “O.G.”, shit aint workin, we all need to hear it” – Vivid13

“Dude tech is guna blow the fuck up even more…He is the number one independent artist in the world…WITH OUT RADIO AND VIDEO…what do you think hes guna be number one at with radio and video….fuckin tech n9ne all day all night” – Mike Joyner

“Collabos – The Gates Mixplates drops on July 27th. Call 8165767103 and request “O.G.” and make this the summer of the N9ne.” – AshleyNJAckson


‘O.G.’ is a killer song, Tech. The one line ‘Strawberry, baked beans, mixed plate’ contains the essence of KC.” – theReaper16

“Gud Sht tech! Make me want sum bbq” – dueceklik

“How cool is it that Tech N9ne’s new song “O.G.” mentions K-State?” – steveblank

“How the Hell can you put out these albums and be touring 2 times a year? I don’t know how you can do it and make good songs in the process.” – Raw Deezy

“Yessir that’s that shit, 103 steppin their game up” – jlbhood

“Tech you brought it again. been waitin’ for some groovin’ shit like this for a while from you. you put some more light like this on the shelf and the mainstream will definitely go you. keep on keepin’ on.” – Spencer Allen

“BTW, you’re the only dude that could make a song about BBQ so legit.” – Nick Weaver

“‘I’m bout to bounce rock skate to OllieGates!’ dude that song was ill. Love the rogerTroutman shout out. Shout out To HotJams” – bluntmusic360