Independent Grind Tour: Minneapolis Recap And Photos

Sep 30 2010

Things always seem to get a little extra crazy when Tech N9ne comes through Minneapolis, and last Sunday was no exception. Before doors even opened, there was an ambulance parked outside of the venue (for unclear reasons), and one rolled up after the show as well. Despite all of the chaos, it was a pretty damned good time as it always is.


Cash Money rapper, Glasses Malone got the crowd warmed up with some West Coast hip-hop and really uplifted the crowd with the set-ending, feel-good track “I Get Doe”. Next up was the gritty Los Angeles native, Jay Rock. Jay Rock tore through a set of heavy street raps and really fired up the building. The anticipation built as the night continued and the legendary E-40 stepped on the stage. 40 definitely got the party hyphy, especially with the hits “Tell Me When To Go” and “White Girl”. The wave of West Coast rappers on this tour all fit the bill nicely and they were all well received in the North, but now it was time to get Strange…

The crowd buzzed with extreme anticipation as everyone waited for Tech N9ne to come out. As the floor lights went down and the crowd completely exploded with excitement. It was almost as if you could feel the hearts pumping. Tech came out and launched into the rebellious “The Industry Is Punks”, a perfectly fitting opening song for The Independent Grind Tour. He then ripped through a verse from “Too Much” with incredible dexterity, and then welcomed Kutt Calhoun to the stage. The Strange boys demonstrated their versatility by tearing through multiple songs spanning the catalogue. Things got rowdy during songs like “Riot Maker”, and stuff got sexy during songs like “Naked”.

About a quarter of the way through the set, Tech and Kutt disappeared backstage as it was time for the king of “hip-pop” Krizz Kaliko to come out. He opened his set with the high-octane song “Get Active” and the crowd went into an exuberant frenzy. Shortly after, Tech and Kutt rejoined Krizz on stage and kept the energy going with songs like “City 2 City” and “Rejection”. The Strange crew then welcomed the homie, Big Scoob to the stage and at this moment everyone knew it was time to “Salue”. The crowd erupted during the drinking anthem and everyone had their hands high in the air. The drinking songs continued to spill out with a medley of “Caribou Lou” and “KC Tea”.

Before things got TOO out of hand, it was time to slow things down a bit when everyone but Tech left the stage and he executed a powerful performance of “Come Gangster”. The rest of the crew later rejoined as they performed the classic “Einstein” and then impressively demolished through some quick-spit songs like “Midwest Choppers” and “Welcome To The Midwest”.

Nearing the end of the set, Tech proclaimed his love for Minneapolis and thanked everyone involved in the Independent Grind Tour. But before it was time to go home, it was time for some areolas. Before the Strange boys even started chanting lines from “Flash”, the areolas were out in full-blast. There were areolas to the left, areolas to the right, areolas up front, and areolas in the back. Then the crew busted into the song and the entire building got up off its feet. After areola time, they invited Glasses Malone and Jay Rock back out onto the stage and ended the set with quintessential closer, “I’m A Playa.

It was another outstanding display in Minneapolis, as the city has proven time and time again that it is one of the craziest and most unique stops on tour. Minneapolis loves Strange, and Strange loves Minneapolis, and there is no telling what type of madness will happen the next time these two meet.

– Report By Strange Music Blog Contributor Zach Murphy

Photos By Bob McDowell