Dreaming Of A Strange Christmas : 10 Things We Want To See Happen In 2014 (That Will Probably Never Happen)

Dec 22 2013

In 2013, we Strange fans had PLENTY to be happy about.

11 releases, national and international acclaim, incredible collaborations, and the satisfaction of knowing this has been the biggest year for Strange Music in it’s 14 year history.

While reminiscing on the past year, we realized there’s not much more we could ask for….not much that would actually occur anyway.

So of course we had to come up with a list of 10 things we’d like to see happen in 2014 (with 10 horribly photoshopped pictures)…that are probably never going to happen.

Check out our wishlist below, and if there’s a Strange Santa out there….make it happen.

Jimmy Mayday

10. ¡MAYDAY! Becomes The House Band For A Late Night Show

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely LOVE The Roots, and they do a fantastic job on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. And it doesn’t even have to be Jimmy’s show that ¡MAYDAY! ends up on, but dammit they would make an incredible house band later on in their careers. They’re versatile, they’re charismatic, and we feel like Wrekonize would be way better at the whole late night banter thing than Paul Shaffer.

Deevil Kneevil

9. Godemis Becomes A For Real Daredevil

We’re not gonna lie, we’ve been wanting this ever since Godemis dropped the track “Deevil Kneevil“. The name sells itself, and Godemis has notoriously few fucks to give, so we think this is just waiting to happen. Plus, we would pay pretty much any amount of money to see someone jump 15 school buses on a motorcycle while spitting a murderous 16.

Most Interesting Wrekonize

8. Wrekonize Becomes The Official Spokesman For Jack Daniels

Dos Equis has the most interesting man in the world, Jose Quervo has Kiefer Sutherland (for some inexplicable reason), and now Jack Daniels has Wrekonize. He’s not always on that Jack, but when he is, it’s again.

Plex Beard

7. Plex Luthor’s Beard Gets A Solo Deal

Legend has it that much of Plex Luthor’s awesome musical prowess is derived from his epic beard. With that in mind, we feel it’s only right that Plexo’s magical face coat gets it’s own record deal in 2014. If for no other reason than to see “Prod. Plex’s Beard” in someone’s song credits.

Prozak Lynch

6. Brotha Lynch Hung and Prozak Make A Slasher Film

This one is just a no brainer. Prozak has already established himself as a great film maker, and Brotha Lynch Hung’s cannibalistic alter-ego is the stuff of nightmares. Put those two elements together and you’ve got the makings for an incredible horror movie. Prozak’s knowledge of the genre and Hitchcock influences would go a long way in further intensifying Lynch’s more horrific qualities.

Strange RnB

5. Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, and Stevie Stone Start An R&B Group

We’re fairly certain this will never ever happen, but that doesn’t make us want it any less. These guys have three of the smoothest voices on the label, and we know that both Krizz and Stevie have some serious singing chops (Kutt does too but he keeps them hidden). We’re thinking this would be like a Strange version of TGT (Google them and enjoy), and we can hear the sound of panties dropping around the world the second this group forms.

Rittz Jeremy Scott

4. Rittz Gets His Own Signature Jeremy Scott Shoe

Remember a while back when we did a post on Rittz’s insane shoe game? If you don’t you should definitely check it out, because dude has a ridiculous collection of Jeremy Scott Adidas (as well as a vast collection of other dope kicks), so we felt it would only be right for White Jesus to receive his own signature pair of Jeremy Scott’s. If you wouldn’t rock these, you just have no soul.

Krizz Fitness

3. Krizz Kaliko Creates His Own Fitness Videos

In the past few years, Krizz Kaliko has seriously stepped up his fitness game and lost a shit ton of weight and has gained the title of “Tour nutritionist” among his label mates. From upping his nutrition game to working out constantly, clearly the next logical step for Krizz would be to start his own series of fitness videos. We’re thinking a mix between Tae Bo and Rumba but set to awesome upbeat Krizz Kaliko jams. We dont’ know about y’all but we would be in the best shape of our lives in no time.

Ces Cru Dispensary

2. CES Cru Opens Their Own Dispensary In Colorado

It’s never been a secret that the best Cru is fans of the miracle plant. It’s also never been a secret that both Godemis and Ubiquitous are genuinely kind and awesome dudes, so why not put both those qualities together and open a dispensary in Ubi’s home state of Colorado to help those in need? Can you imagine what the Seven Chakras strain would be like? MAGICAL. This should legitimately happen once the guys hit it big, and when it does…we want a lifetime gift card for supplying the idea. You’re welcome, fellas.

Strange Freshman

1. Strange Music Signs The Entire 2013 XXL Freshman Class

Seriously, how ill would this be? Not only would we have 2 more TDE heavy hitters under our belt, the collaboration potential within this group would be ENDLESS. We know, not all of our fans are gonna feel all of these emcees, but we KNOW there’s some of y’all out there that want a Tech/Joey Bada$$/Ab-Soul track as badly as we do. Of all the things that will never happen, this is at the top of the list, but it’s also the one we want the worst, so c’monnnnn Christmas miracle.

FINAL THOUGHTS: So, you’ve seen our ridiculous wishlist and (clearly professional) Photoshop skills, now it’s your turn.

Leave a comment at the bottom with some things YOU would like to see in 2014 that will probably never ever happen, or things that COULD happen.

Hell, it’s your wishlist, get weird with it.