Independent Grind Tour Update: San Diego, California

Oct 11 2010

In what has been a successful homecoming for half of the acts, the Independent Grind Tour continued it’s California run with a stop in San Diego. Performing at the House of Blues, Tech N9ne and company, despite the mid-tour stretch that starts to take its toll, gave another show that left the audience highly satisfied. The Independent Grind’s next show will be at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fan Response:

“tech that shit in sd was bad!!! n9ne!!!!”
tech you and the crew reped a new one in san diego fun the women were sexier than ever too….woop areola fuk yeah westide sd”
show was off the chain last nite in S.D.”

Big Scoob

“My 3rd time in Daygo let’s see if we kan turn this bitch up!!!!! Daygo FUK wit ya boy one time!!!!”
“Daygo I needed that! That fukin sho was krakkin!!!! Whooooo now I got my sekond wind pimp. I needed that rowdy ass sho!!!! Titties erywer