University Of Massachusetts Newspaper Interviews Kutt Calhoun

Oct 1 2010

During an LA stop on the Strange Noize tour, Kutt had a chance to do a phone interview with Mass Media, the University of Massachusetts Boston news publication. Kutt discusses how he started rapping, what a day in his life consists of, how he met Tech, how he came up with his name, the success of Raw and Un-kutt, and much more. Click here to read the interview.

Kutt on lyrical content:

“…You know, coming up to Spice 1, and Ice Cube, and Ghetto Boyz, and Scarface, man those guys had something to talk about. Not only was the beat hard, and their flow hard, they was actually talking about stuff. I like story telling rhymes, I like speaking about myself in a third person point of view. I like painting pictures, man. I want to be the Picasso of what I do, the Michelangelo of what I do. The beat bangin is just the icing on the cake.”