Fans Excited For ‘Seepage’ EP [Social]

Oct 9 2010

With his announcement of a dark, brooding, and menacing EP on the way entitled Seepage, Tech has created quite a buzz amongst fans. We perused through the web to see what fans are thinkng in response to this release. Here’s what some had to say.

“So excited for this it scares my friends. The album cover is the wall paper on my phone right now.”
“Tech, you can’t escape the darkness, man.. No one can. Just don’t let it consume you. There’s enough love in life to hold it back. Keep doin’ whatever feels right to you. I’m not a religious man but, your mother will be in my thoughts.”
“Tech i appresiate your music so much , you saved my life, i was on the edge and one of my friends showed me your kod album,your and my pain is so alike, you help me feel better by putting the pain i feel into a art and seeing that someone truly felt the pain like i did made me feel less alone, tech your the shit i owe you my life man”
“hell yea cant wait for seepage its gonna be beast”

Here’s an excited fan posting the news on his vlog. Watch below.