Independent Grind Tour Homecoming Recap: KC And Wichita

Nov 2 2010

After 44 shows, spanning 29 states, the Independent Grind Tour has come to a halt. For its last two go arounds, the tour made its homecoming run with shows at The Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri and at the Cotillion in Wichita, Kansas. Both shows were filled to the capacity with fans in their costumes, showing love and giving support to the artists that have put Kansas City on the map. With the the tour coming to an end, artists like Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, and E-40 will return to their native land of California while Tech and the rest will undoubtedly take a few days to kick back. Even after only half of a day, Krizz Kaliko has reported separation anxiety from performing. Knowing Strange Music and the grind they put in year-round, the rest won’t be for long.

Fan Response, Kansas City:
I got fuked up las nite tech
“we all did….I got my stupid ass arrested after I left there!
Thanx for the awesome show last night in KC MO! Best show ever!
Last night was great!
damn good show last night
Enjoyed The Show Last Night It Made My Night I’m Still Having Flashbacks Of Everything, Me Falling Off My Chair, Crazy Costumes, And Good Ass, Loud Music That I Don’t Have To Turn Down For Old Folks In Traffic.”
last night show in KC was off the chain man

Fan Response, Wichita:
“Just saw @TechN9ne saw the first show of the Grind Tour in Lawrence and the last one in Wichita. Two of the most crunk shows of my life
“was @ ur wichita show last night…I LOVED IT!!!!!! that was the 1st concert i’ve ever been to & i couldn’t have picked a better artist to go see live! much love to u & ur entire strange music crew!”
You tore it up in Wichita we love u tech! ♥
Concert in Wichita was SICK!!! I had an AWESOME time man, you’re the baddest rapper on the planet!”

Tech N9ne:
Oh shit I’m doin a show tonight in kc and I’m sleepy.”
Kutt Calhoun:
“Last show #teambloodytour has been da shit, much love to everyone who came to a show, n everyone else who Ben supporting since day 1..”
Big Scoob:
This sho jus turnd into sum krazy shit errbody in our krew is dressd and akkin like errbody else on tour. Halloween Man!”
Krizz Kaliko:
We had a blast on the independent grind tour. I’m bout to have withdrawl from not being in stage. See all y’all soon”
I’m already havin anxiety. & I only been home 1/2 day. I need to be in stage. It’s the only thing that keeps my mind right”