DJ Whoo Kid Stirs Up Techn9cians With ‘White Trash’ Comment [Social]

Nov 10 2010

In a recent interview with Superstar Radio, DJ Whoo Kid, who is currently working with Tech N9ne on his first mixtape, entitled Bad Season, referred to Tech N9ne as “The king of all the fucking white trash people out there that love him—and I want that fanbase.”

This comment has been taken in various ways by fans on, ranging from humored indifference to racist accusations. Here’s a sample of some of the reactions…

“eh, im not mad by it at all, was a retarded comment though. somewhat disrespectful, yet i dont think he meant it that way. meh. shit who cares? lol”
wtf is that bout?????? thats why tech should never hook up with any of these mainstream fucks, thats how they look at the #1 independent rapper in the world, fuck that shit!!!!!!!”
Fuck whoo kid…i aint white
“Did whoo kid say he wants that fanbase? Or doesn’t want that fanbase (the white trash lol)? Kinda fucked up but don’t take it to serious cuz its kinda true
“first yelawolf wants tech’s fan base and now whoo kid

Twitter Reactions:

“If anyone is mad for what @djwhookid said about @Techn9ne‘s fans they obviously don’t know anything about Whoo Kid’s persona.”
@DJWhooKid it’s all good bro
, I didn’t take any offense to it. It’s good to see @TechN9ne get all this exposure, it’s about time.”

Click here or watch below for the entire interview. Click here to be fast-forwarded to the comment.

Was this just a lighthearted and off-hand comment or something to be upset about?

UPDATE: DJ Whoo Kid Responds Via Twitter

DJ Whoo Kid caught wind of this story and has addressed it on his Twitter account. Whoo Kid tweeted the following:

I guess no one can take a joke anymore — that is the furthest thing on my mind -I talk shit all day and none of it is true”
adammarchant @theStrangeBlogs@TechN9ne – Everyone knows Im an idiot —– where have you been LOL
“no more interviews with @
djwhookidI stay saying stuff that people just look for to take too serious – I am a clown — final comment”