What Was Wrong With Tech N9ne’s Eye? [Social]

Nov 16 2010

Recently Tech has undergone a peculiar predicament and posted about it on his Twitter with the picture to the left to go with it:

nobody can tell me what’s wrong with my left eye.”

Pink eye? Slept on it wrong? Who knows, but Tech has been going on to address it throughout the weekend and up until today, even citing the DJ Whoo Kid “incident” as when it all started. Fans have had their own colorful interpretations: “killuminati,” (what?!) “a final demon seepin’ out,” and “Have you played with some licorice root lately?” just to name a few. The following updates track the progression of Tech’s take on it all:

It’s been red for 4 days.
Been treating it with eye drops since day one.
Antibiotics and everything!
But it gets darker and darker!
“The only thing I can think
when I look at myself is, SEEPAGE!”
“”HA HA HA! for real doh!
The seepage is about to cause a BAD SEASON!”
“Think about it though,
the darkening of the eye started seconds after the whoo kid thing!”
While I was taking a quick break in the studio knocking out tracks for bad season!”
It’s not pink eye its already been treated as such and no response.”
gettin dressed for studio listening to pain killer realizing my eye is all better.”

Tech posted the following pic to go with the last tweet. Glad to see you’re doing better Tech!