Tech N9ne Breaks Down ‘Bad Season’ Track By Track

Dec 28 2010 recently published a featured post of Tech N9ne breaking down the Bad Season mixtape track by track. Fans who are wondering what the artists were thinking behind each song need look no further. Here’s an example from Tech’s breakdown of “Table and Chest Stress”:

“The reason why the first song was so important me is because I’ve always got my core in mind. If I’m doin’ something totally different, with the more East Coast style beats that my fans are not more used to me rapping over, I have to keep my core in mind and put that first one to say, ‘Boaw!’ The number one will get the core and the other people because it’s gonna be something that’s different. I always do that. That’s my formula. All my albums, the first song is gonna be the one that makes you want to listen to the album, you know what I’m sizzlin’? That’s why ‘Table and Chest Stress’ was perfect because my fans are used to me spilling what I’m going through.”

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