Kutt Calhoun Outshining Peers According To Fans [Social]

Jan 19 2011

Kutt’s reputation as a scene stealer seems to be gaining momentum by the day. Just recently fans on therealtechn9ne.com have been debating Kutt Calhoun’s abilities as an MC in comparison to his peers at Strange Music. Here’s what they had to say.

“I feel like Bloody Cutty Cal is starting to outshine everyone on Strange lyrically….What do you think?”

“Kutt? He’s IS really good but I’m sorry to say Tech is my favorite. Im glad that Kutt is getting some recognition tho. It’s long awaited.”

“Ever since I started listening to Strange, I always felt that Kutt had the most energy in his songs/verses. He makes everything he spits sound tight!”

“yeah kutt keeps getting better everytime i hear him…”

“Tech’s my favorite too, but I think lyrics wise Kutt is better…he’s a beast on the mic and changes up his flow alot on Raw and UnKutt especially…Kutt is the future of Strange music, they better not let him get away.”

“na sorry lyrically tech is one another level kutt is better then 90 percent on of rappers but tech is just on another level lyrically. I mean he got patterns kutt or any other rapper could’nt write.”

Does Kutt Calhoun live up to the reputation? What are some of your favorite scene-stealing moments from Kutt Calhoun?