‘Bad Season’ Climbs The Charts On iTunes [Social]

Jan 25 2011

Bad Season, has hit the web and again, this release ranks high on the Top Charts in the Hip Hop section on iTunes and is gaining favorable impressions from the fans. Fans have stepped up and taken their conversations to the social networks to show their support. As you can see from the feedback so far, this is a unique release.

What started out as a free mixtape several weeks ago that was available for download on XXLmag.com quickly turned into a highly-anticipated release within weeks afterward. Tech and Strange Music heard the fans on the forums and social networks voicing suggestions for a version of Bad Season that had a higher sound quality, and the good folks at Strange found a way to make it happen, and more impressively, made it happen for the fans within a couple weeks after hearing the concerns. Now we are exactly one month since the XXL mixtape release date and fans are rushing to iTunes to hear the original tracks in higher sound quality and listening to the four new tracks included in this release. The fans are ecstatic to say the least! Within an hour of Tech posting an update on his Facebook, Bad Season soared from #10 to #8 on the iTunes charts. Now (at the time of this post), Bad Season is sitting comfortably at #5 on iTunes. Will it move higher in the charts this week? Probably, especially when you consider the amount of feedback Bad Season has started within 12 hours of it being available for download on iTunes.

What are your favorite tracks from Bad Season? What do you think of the 4 new tracks on this version? Do you really notice the improved sound quality on this release? Have you downloaded Bad Season on iTunes? Post your answers to these questions and your thoughts on the post above by leaving your comment below!