Fan Suggests ‘Raw And Un-Kutt’ Is 10x Better Than ‘The Gates Mixed Plate’ [Social]

Jan 24 2011

Quick to show his fans some love, Kutt Calhoun went to his Twitter to thank a fan who submitted a video review for Kutt’s latest release, Raw And Un-Kutt. Kutty tweeted:

“Errybody check out @chefladarrius YouTube cd review,..that’s y I do what I do mayne… To reach n affect sumone n that way is the BEST FEELN”

After seeing Kutt’s tweet, we followed the conversation back to the origin: the video. In this video, Ladarius, though soft-spoken, gives a glimpse into his first listen of Raw And Un-Kutt. Apparently, what started as a Christmas gift from his girlfriend, turned into an overnight obsession. The audio, at times, is very soft and difficult to listen to in it’s entirety (even with our speakers on FULL blast), though Ladarius did make this point quite clear:

“This CD right here is better, BETTER, than The Gates Mixed Plate. 10 times better than The Gates Mixed Plate…. This is #1 on my Top 10 Albums of 2010. This is #1.”

If you want to watch the video in it’s entirety, check it out below.


This album dropped several months ago and fans are still getting up on the album. What is it about Kutt, his flow and his works that keep his music in your CD player? What are your favorite tracks from Raw And Un-Kutt? How do you rank this album compared to The Gates Mixed Plate? How do you rank this album compared to Kutt’s previous album releases?