Tech N9ne Fan Expresses Mainstream Concern On Insane Radio [Social]

Jan 20 2011

As Tech’s popularity continues to grow so does the fear that Tech will lose the authentic touch that brought him into the hearts of so many fans across the world. Jared, a fan from Spokane, Washington, voiced those fears during last week’s episode of Insane Radio, which featured Makzilla as a guest. After expressing his excitement for All 6s and 7s, the Spokane native turned the topic to his concerns for Tech’s impending big year, and said the following:

“I’m hoping that him collabing with T-Pain and Lil Wayne and trying to reach out to other artists doesn’t change who he actually is. When I have a bad day I listen to his shit and it helps me through. It makes me feel that I’m not the only person that’s going through some of the shit in this world.”

Jared and the hosts go on to debate whether Tech will change the mainstream or whether the mainstream will change Tech. The ensuing discussion proves to be highly relevant to what is sure to be a breakout year for Tech N9ne.

Click here for the full show on Insane Radio.

Will Tech’s commercial success strip him of his authenticity or will the mainstream start wearing red noses? Share your thoughts below.