Throwback: Big Scoob ‘Monsterifik’ Review

Feb 24 2011

Even though Big Scoob released his debut solo album less than two years ago, Scoob is anything but new to the rap game. He got his start in music more than ten years ago as a member of Kansas City’s 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, a rap crew that Tech N9ne was also a member of. Big Scoob definitely has a name in Kansas City. The Pitch, a weekly Kansas City lifestyle newspaper, picked up Monsterifik for a review after its release in September 2009.

Here’s a piece of what The Pitch had to say about Monsterifik:
“Sonically, Monsterifik is close enough to the clapping rhythms and crawling gangster hymns of RDV to make old fans nostalgic. The simplicity is unapologetic and many times refreshing. Monsterifik is a welcome, head-bobbing trip down memory lane (in reference to the Big Scoob and Tech N9ne reunion).”

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What is your favorite track from Monsterifik?