‘Spit It Out’ Video Premieres On MTV.com

Mar 19 2011

From his emergence as one of the most hardcore gangster and ripgut rappers in the game, no one would’ve ever expected a mainstream network like MTV wanting to touch Brotha Lynch Hung with a ten foot pool, but the tides have turned as Lynch now finds “Spit It Out” from the upcoming Coathanga Strangle to have its video premiere on MTV.com. The video explores Brotha Lynch Hung’s inner demons while he professes the need to release the negativity accumulated in his mind:

“If anything tastes funny, spit it out (Don’t trust it, don’t eat it!)
Somebody’s trying to poison me!”

The paranoia in Lynch’s psyche is reflected in the video with subliminal flashes of text and disturbing imagery such as worms, shifty eyeballs, and atom bomb explosions. Madesicc artist C.O.S. spits (pun) the second verse, obviously taking nods from the Madesicc president Lynch himself while he rhymes about things that pervert his consciousness. By the end of the video, the seat that Lynch inhabited remains empty, a foreboding conclusion of things to come.

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