Watch Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun cut it up on stage and in the bowling alley! [VIDEO]

Apr 21 2011

Check out the newest edition of the Strange Noize Tour Diary from and keep caught up with what went on during the Strange Noize Tour 2011 crew as it follows them on and off the stage. This was one hilarious episode that no fan of The Genius should miss. Baller Status describes this episode as this:

“In this episode everyone jumps on stage during Kaliko’s set, 1 Ton jacks Kutt Calhoun’s liquor while he’s off the tour performing with Tech N9ne, the tour stops at the mall to snap some pictures with fans, Cross Eyed Joe and 1 Ton provide high level security for Barack Okali, and finally Strange Music and Suburban Noize go head to head in the first annual Strange Noize bowling challenge.”

Watch as Kutt Calhoun gets his Caribou Lou distributed around the tour bus, a slight hotel situation, and the bowling showdown between Strange Music and Suburban Noize.

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