‘Mannibalector’ Music Video Premiere

Apr 4 2011

Things are getting out of control for The Coathanga Strangla. The last time we saw him in action for the “The Coathanga” we could see that his decline was inevitable: wife dead, killing in broad daylight, and increasing the body count. Now, with the music video for “Mannibalector”, we see the repercussions of his spiraling mental state. The video opens up with The Coathanga Strangla brought in for questioning. The Coathanga brazenly defies the detective, throwing the case file in the officer’s face only to be slammed to the concrete floor. In the second scene, Irv Da Phenom makes a cameo appearance as a concert promoter, arguing with The Coathanga backstage. The Coathanga pulls a gun on him but makes the mistake of turning his back on Irv, who knocks him to the ground and steals his money (insultingly leaving the dollar bills behind). The pressure of the world closing in on him gets to be too much for The Coathanga, leading to the final scene in which he shoots his mirror image with a bullet. Unfortunately the bullet travels through the bathroom wall and ends up killing his only son. The Coathanga now has nothing to live for, leaving us to imagine only the worst in store for the next video trilogy!

Lynch raps the choruses looking more menacing than he ever, his bulging illuminated by the glow of the fireplace behind him. “Mannibalector” completes the second trilogy of his Coathanga Strangla saga, somehow raising the intensity level from the Dinner and a Movie video trilogy.

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