Strangeland: Spokane, Washington On ‘All 6′s and 7′s – The Tour’

Apr 25 2011

All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour is coming to a city near you! We’re laying out the locales on the tour one by one, in hopes that fans from the cities will come out to represent their town and also so the out-of-towners know what they’re getting into. The fourth show of the tour is in Spokane, Washington where Tech N9ne and company (¡Mayday!, Stevie Stone, Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob) will be performing at the Knitting Factory. Here’s what some of the fans had to say about Spokane, Washington.

“We hold it the fuck down in Spokane. Shows are almost always sold out. Sometimes two shows two nights sold out. You always see promo on the streets. There is a great street team up here. There are some things that are still there after so long. Like.. A big scoob square on a metal electrical box. And I dont mean Damn Fool, Monsterifik! It is still there. Tech has been coming to spokane for YEARS. I’ve been to every one, and one thing I always notice is there always alot of different people. Everyone hear loves tech. From stickers on cars, shirts n shit, bumpin tech n9ne down division. I hear it everywhere. Tech has one of those voices that you can just recognize, well I can, But im OG. Honestly, I think i know 1 person who, in all fairness, listens to rap, who does not like Tech N9ne. And they cant give me a good fucking reason for it either for that matter.So in closing, I dont know why you are havin us explain our cities to you, but whatever. I love Spokane and always will. And its sure as shit better than EUGENE(haha that on had me laughin.. lol), Yakima, and Seattle!!! Tecccchhh N9nnnnneeee!!!!”

– Mass Productions

“First things first i make sure i have some Caribou Lou or some Kc Tea. mix me up a drink go to the computer and open up my strange play list and start it off with STAMINA to get my blood flowing followed by a little absolute power than hit random. get all my friends that are going to the show at the house so we can pre-funk and get a little lifted cuz i got a v.i.p package and i get to meet you for an hour and everybody else. right before i leave the house i cross my heart and recite the pledge and get to the knitting factory and go straight to the bar for another Caribou Lou and by this time i feel like i have gasoline in my veins and just waiting for the party with strange. after the show i never know where you go we usually just head back to the house where there is more caribou lou or kc tea and of course its back to the strange music library on Itunes and enjoy the pleasure of having the king in my presence along with krizz and kutty and now stevie stone and mayday and from there its waiting for my b-day present all 6s and 7s is released 3 days before my birthday.” – Nate Howard

“TECH N9NE along with the rest of strange music crew have been my inspiration for as long as i can remember. Nobody else does music like he does. I swear im the only Albanian thats even heard of him. In my city of Spokane,WA Tech has always been loved by everyone around here and everyone knows who he is. Every song Tech has made just makes me feel better no matter how im feeling. Lately i have been in depression cause of how things are going around my life and family but i truly feel for tech and his mom being in the hospital. I know shes gonna be fine cause Aaron believes how much human feelings,love and family can truly save someone. One thing that would change my life would have to be meeting the strange crew,that includes TECH N9NE,Krizz Kaliko,Kutt,Brotha Lynch Hung and everyone else i missed out. Maybe one day i will meet you all but until than good luck and hope everything goes well with the music you make as it lifts everyone up thats been down. Oh and cant wait for all 6’s and 7’s. I know its gonna be amazing just like all of your other albums.” – Amir

We had fans come out and represent Spokane along with Seattle, Yakima, and Eugene, Oregon, to find out which town was Techn9cian Town Number One! The Seattle Techn9cians came out in full-force!

Make sure you check out All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour as it runs through Spokane on May 30, 2011 . Also remember to reserve your VIP Packages for the show, which includes exclusive merchandise and a Meet and Greet with Tech and your favorite Strange Music artists. They’re running out quick so it’s best to get them while you still can! Knitting Factory on May 30, 2011 : see you there!


The All 6’s And 7’s Tour is beginning to stack up a serious number of sold out shows. Spokane, Washington came out and showed their love for Strange Music with a sell out crowd at the Knitting Factory on May 30. The tremendous line up of Stevie Stone, ¡Mayday!, Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, and Tech N9ne proved to be the hottest tour to hit Spokane in years. With news of the sold show, the artists celebrated in style before taking off for the next date in Missoula, Montana.

Facebook reactions:


“Fuckin killed it in Spokane!! Another mad poppin’ Tech Show.”

“Tech fucking killed it in Spokane”

“Just Killed Spokompton !”


Fan Pics

Tech N9ne And Fan Steven Rocha - Spokane, WashingtonFan Ivy Hill, Tech N9ne, and Fan Steven Rocha