VIP Should I? Yes!

Apr 21 2011

By chance I was introduced to Tech through my ex’s ex. Before I really ever listened to Tech, I watched a couple of his DVDs: T9X: The Tech N9ne Experience, and The Psychumentary. Just watching those, I was pretty impressed and thought “there is something about this guy that is really interesting. Eventually I even watched a tour DVD, Strictly Strange. I was impressed with the stage show and when him, Krizz, and Kutt got to dancing together it is kick ass! I heard Tech was going on tour again last fall and said “prefect chance!” I go to the website and saw VIP tickets for a reasonable price. And not only VIP but $300 worth or merchandise for the price of what most decent concert tickets cost anymore. It was a pretty unbelievable deal and I really didn’t believe I would get all that stuff until it arrived in the mail. It was just too good to be true sounding.

I live in Jackson, MI and the concert was in Ohio. My best friend Jessie (this was her first concert ever) and I packed up after I worked a third the previous night and got going. After a beautiful 200-mile drive we finally got there. At least 5 decked out Strange music vehicles: we must be in the right place! No sooner do I walk out of the parking lot for Peabody’s and who is right in front of me? TECH N9NE! I about fell over jumping up and down. I was so star-struck all I could do was look stupid. Jessie thought I was a dip shit and still reminds me of my silliness.

We stood in line for VIP for a little bit. They let us in, and we got our passes and brought in the things we wanted signed. For probably 100 people granted admission, we got an hour to mingle and got our stuff signed. Each artist will sign up to three items, anything you want signed. Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, E-40, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, DJ Chill, Big Omeezy, and last but not least Tech N9ne. So we go around to everyone and get our gear signed. Tech’s line was long as hell of course. Krizz was great and made sure we got a great picture. Kutt joked about how other people had signed. This time when I actually got to meet Tech, I managed not to be too dorky. Meeting them was an experience neither Jessie or I will ever forget. I actually got Tech and my picture blown up into a poster. Maybe I will get that signed next time I go.

The meet and greet finished and I felt great! I was so excited. Just getting to meet them without even going to the concert was beyond satisfactory. I can not stress how awesome getting to meet these guys is. They are not what you expect them to be. You expect them to be all whatever about it or assholes, but they are friendly and joke around with you, give you a hugs and everything.

After the meet and greet we had time to buy some stuff from the vendor, go find a restroom, and get something to eat while we waited for the show to start. We get in a little while before the show starts, have a Caribou Lou, and line up to go down to the main floor. Everyone starts chanting “Tech Tech, N9ne N9ne!” They had some other local guys like Gemini Projekt opening (who by the way are worth checking out). Glasses came out and did his thing. Jay Rock repped the West. The legend E-40 set it up and then Krizz, Kutt, Big Scoob, and Tech hit a grand slam! You have not seen a performance until you have seen Tech’s stage show. Sure seeing it on DVD is great but it just doesn’t compare to being there. Near the end Tech did what I have come to know him for which is always being appreciative to his fans. Seriously, that is what meant the most to me. I have been listening to rap for a while and no one says shit like that to their fans in a way that you know he means it. That is why Tech is climbing the latter in record time to my greatest rapper list.

So hopefully this explains why you should do VIP. The stuff you get for free is worth the price by itself, you get great stuff not just random promo crap. You meet the guys, see the concert. But you also you get a piece of Tech’s heart. What other concert gives you that?

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