‘All 6′s And 7′s – The Tour’ Update: Eugene, Oregon [Video]

May 31 2011

Tech N9ne Live - Eugene, OregonStrange Music continued its conquest of the Northwest with the All 6’s And 7’s Tour in Eugene, Oregon. The tremendous performance at the Cuthbert Amphitheatre included a surprise appearance by none other than Yelawolf from “Worldwide Choppers”. The Alabama native threw it down on stage, much to the delight of Tech and the rest of the Strange Music crew. The festivities continued at the outdoor venue with performances from Stevie Stone, ¡Mayday!, Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, and finally the man himself, Tech N9ne. Fans from all over the Northwest came out to represent for Strange Music, and by the looks of it, no one was disappointed. The All 6’s And 7’s Tour moved on to Spokane for its next devastating spectacle.

Facebook reactions:

“euegne was off the fucking hook baby!! tech i love you I”ll show you my boobies everytime!!!!!!!!”

“you guys killed it tonight brO!! you and yelawolf need to do more shows together!! can’t wait to get big and do shows with you guys. remember eugene got them good drugs you love to do tech!!! hahahahah”

“u kiled it in eugene last night bro thank u sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love from all the technicians”

“Show at the cuthbert was fucking awesome!!”


Watch Jay Rock perform “Tolerate” live in Eugene, Oregon.


All 6’s And 7’s Tour: Best VIP Yet! [Fan Review]

Tech N9ne And Fan Sara Leffew - Eugene, Oregon

I’ve been a Tech fan since about 2005. The first time I saw Tech it was on a whim, just going with some buddies to a show for fun. After that night, I was hooked. Listening to Tech, buying his albums, being turned on to other artists like Krizz, Scoob, and Kutt has become a huge part of my life. Once I bought my first VIP package, that was it for me. I got to meet Tech and the rest of the strange crew and got my merch signed. Ever since then, that is what I look forward to: When is Strange Music is coming to a city near me?

This last VIP in Eugene took the cake for me. We arrived at the venue early and it was raining. We didn’t care, we were soo exicted. After waiting in line for what seemed like hours, we were finally taken to the back gates. I was first thru the gates and the first inside the tent where all the artists were. The feeling was indescribable. I was so happy just to see them, but to be the first one they see? Unreal!! So I walk thru the door and I was like “hey everybody”. They all started whooping and hollering like they were so stoked to see me. I will never forget that feeling. So I went around to each of the artists. Everyone was super nice and signed my VIP shirt. I talked with Krizz for a minute, asking him if he remembered me. He said he did, which of course made my day. Then I went to see Tech. I was so nervous, I felt like adrenaline was pumping thru my body so fast. I had been thinking about taking the Pledge but I wasn’t sure if I had the guts. I walked up to him and he gave me a hug. I told him “I just want to say…..Together We Are…….. That was all I had to say, and he smiled at me while we recited his Pledge together. He pulled me in for a hug as we said “Techn9cian I am, Wholeheartedly, In Life and In Death”. I told him what a beautiful artist he is and as I walked away, I felt like I’ve never had a moment like this in my life. A true connection with Tech on a whole other level. I will never forget it.

As for the show, a few hours later, it was off the hook. It seemed like the whole town of Eugene was there. The energy was amazing and it was nice to see the artists among the crowd. I liked how Krizz, Kutt, and Tech all had their own thing going on. It was such a treat to see Yelawolf and Andre Nikatina. Jay Rock, Mayday, and Stevie Stone also killed it on stage. This was definitely my best Strange Music experience to this day. (and I’ve had a lot) So thank you Tech, Krizz, Kutt, and all of the Strange Crew for making this girl’s day – no scratch that – year!!!!

Techn9cian I am, Wholeheartedly, In Life and In Death!!!!!