Experiencing Tech N9ne’s SXSW Take Over [Review]

May 11 2011

What is a Tech N9ne show? A Tech N9ne show isn’t just another concert, it’s an experience, one that I became acquainted with during SXSW 2011. The evening started off kind of dull as I was listening to a bunch of artists that weren’t very familiar to me. Among those were Richmond, CA’s Erk the Jerk and Sydney, Australia’s Bliss N Eso, the latter of which I thoroughly enjoyed. After a few hours of waiting, the heavy hitters came out. Mistah F.A.B. kicked off the main card doing a good job of keeping those that had been there all night awake and ready for Tech N9ne. Killer Mike followed delivering a decent set, including jumping around the stage in an uncommon manner for people of his girth. Then Chiddy Bang, who I thought was an odd addition to the card but fun nonetheless, came on stage fresh from the MTVu Woodies. All in all, the show did set Tech up very well, even if Chiddy did scare me by leaving him with thirty minutes until the club closed.

Then in a sea of smoke (not from machines), and colored lights, Tech N9ne emerged along with Krizz Kaliko, and Kutt Calhoun (referred to, by a reporter for NOW! magazine, as mere backup dancers). The three started off performing with synchronized, almost ritualistic choreography. After a few songs, Tech and Kutt left the stage and Kali continued to wreck the night with all the flair and swagger reminiscent of Cee Lo Green. Kutt Calhoun followed and gave the crowd a little taste of a slightly different side of Strange Music, playing favorites like “Bunk Rock Bitch”. After Kali and Kutt gave the fans a little appetizer, and gave the newcomers a thorough introduction to Strange Music, the Nina came out and blew the place apart.

Tech took the stage shortly before the club closed, and delivered on of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile. He played a strong mix of songs spanning across all of his albums, including “Leave Me Alone”, “Show Me a God”, “KC Tea”, “Come Gangsta”, and many others. He put forth such an energy that the whole club couldn’t help but be moving, not a single person was standing still. After the fans had been given the show they had so eagerly awaited, Kaliko and Kutt came back out and joined Tech for the final songs so he could “go get some pussy,” ending the show around 3am (the club closedat 2).

Even after all the waiting, Tech N9ne put on one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. It was an experience that I will not miss out in June when he comes back to Austin.

-Aaron Wenkheimer, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

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