Tech N9ne Speaks On His Mother

May 7 2011

In celebration of Mother’s Day and to commemorate the Mother’s Day premiere of “Mama Nem” on MTV Jams on MTV 2, we wanted to get Tech to speak on his wonderful mother, Maudie Yates. Here’s what Tech had to say:

What does your mom mean to you?

My mom means the world to me man. She’s been tormented all her life. She’s the reason why I love, she’s the reason why I respect. She’s everything. I wish I saw her more than I do. Without my mama–of course it’s self-explanatory–I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be the wonderful dude I am–I think I’m a wonderful dude, I got motherfuckers that’ll agree with me, I just aint on my own dick. My mom made me the pleasant dude I am.

Anything good in you, you would attribute to your mom?

Anything good I would attribute to my mom all day man. She is Jesus Christ. If there ever was the greater good, she would be it. When I look at her, that’s where I see Christ. If that’s supposed to mean the greater good and heavenly, that would be my Jesus Christ.

What would you say to people out there wondering what to do for their mom on Mother’s Day?

Just call her and say you love her, even if you’re not near her. Call her and talk to her. Last time I saw my mom she couldn’t even talk–she was in the hospital and she was mumbling. She said “I wish I had a soda…” I’m like “No, mama you don’t need no soda, that’s why you sick!” They said she had diabetes, you know what I’m sizzling? She couldn’t really talk. I tell my people: talk to your mama, if you can.

Tune into MTV2 Sucker Free and MTV Jams this Sunday at 11AM and 11PM EST to catch the premiere of Tech N9ne’s “Mama Nem” music video! Check your local listings.

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